About This Project

The Literacy Garden is an outdoor learning gallery that introduces children age 0-8 to storytelling and language through imaginative play experiences. Designed with the early reader and pre-reader in mind, the Literacy Garden places special emphasis on building auditory awareness through activities that encourage critical listening. NunoErin conceptualized and designed this garden in collaboration in landscape designer, Robert Poore for the MIssissippi Children’s Museum. NunoErin developed a series of exhibits and content creation tools that provide the museum with a platform and framework upon which to build and evolve their own interactive stories and content over time. Exemplary of these systems is the Sound Pylon Stage, an immersive storytelling system composed of spiraling sound towers, which house a hidden network of speaker, that tell stories across the system of pylons. As stories are told, the sound moves around the pylon system, guiding children through a physical space as the story unfolds.


Mississippi Children's Museum - Literacy Garden, Jackson, MS, USA 2014