About This Project

Z  Sparkle Bench

Sensory experiences connecting light and touch are universally pleasing, eliciting wonder and delight from people of all ages and across cultures. A gentle touch awakens a network of bio-responsive sensors and LEDs, triggering animated displays of light and color. The interactive Z benches lend an elegant signature to public spaces and elevate functional seating to brand building that sets your organization apart. Personalize the light behaviors to complement your color palette, add your brand’s logo, or customize the color of your bench.




12’ 5” x 3’2” x 1’6”


Top: White Translucent Acrylic Resin

Sides: powder coated steel, white.

6  Adjustable Levelers.

10 Interactive light behaviors

192 full spectrum LEDs

192 capacitive sensors

Universal power 90-264VAC

6’ Power cord and plug


Call for pricing +1 601.944.0023