Unique Creative Play

 Game mix and session length optimized for waiting areas

 Creative experiences and unique games not widely available 

 Over 28 activities offering a range of difficulty for ages 4-12

Perfected for Public Places

Increase customer satisfaction by reducing perceived wait time

Occupy children to make visits easier on families, staff, and other customers

Keep children quietly entertained in one place with relaxing engaging games 

Robust and Reliable 

Industry Leading Durability with Simple Plug & Play Installation

Quick and Easy to Clean, Sanitize, and Maintain 

2 Year Warranty with Excellent Service, UL Listed

Loved by Customers  

Collaborative experiences let friends and families to play together

Games accessible and enjoyable to diverse, multi-generational audiences

Proven success with leading brands in hospitals, teen centers, restaurants,           shopping centers, cinemas, clinics, salons, gyms, schools, day care, and               libraries, and schools

Trusted By Global Brands   

Welcome your customers into a whimsical world of expression where
creativity is at your fingertips and touch is your guide through
collaborative puzzles, painting, sustainability challenges,
interactive coloring, and one-of-a-kind experiences.

27" Ucreate Tablet 

 UCTB-27 Size: 26.53” x 16.26” x 2.37”

 27" CapacitiveTouch Screen

 Multi-touch Surface  

42" Ucreate Table 

 UCTT-42 Table Top Size: 24" x 42" x 2" (legs offered separately)    

 Leg: Dining Height: 28" Child Height: 18" 

 27" Capacitive Touch Screen

 Multi-touch Surface

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