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Turn everyday spaces into enchanting destinations
where  creativity  flows,
moods  brighten, and
happiness  becomes the 
the shared experience.

attract guests with social spaces 

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Ucreate Wall Panels and Tables draw guests in to a whimsical world of play where creativity is at your fingertips and touch is your guide through creative
one-of-a-kind experiences. 

Digital Touch Panels + Tables

Discover a unique collection of multi-touch games designed to engage children and families in playful shared experiences. 


Our embedded multi-touch surfaces feature high quality capacitive touch technology, and a quick response time, along with over 10 simultaneous touches that allow for collaborative game play and subtle expression for artistic activities.

Creative Games

 Unique artist designed play experiences featuring, coloring, spatial puzzles, mazes, drawing, and creative activities that encourage self-expression. There are part of a growing collection of experiences that can added remotely over WiFi. 

Highly Durable 

Designed for 24/7 usage and commercial applications, Ucreate features plug and play technology, simple installation and low maintenance.  Seamless 6mm tempered glass provides durability and safety and is easy to clean. 

interactive light furniture


Playfully glowing lights dance
magically on the surfaces of our interactive furniture that shimmer and shift color in response to the simple act of touch.

Interactive Light Furniture

Seamlessly integrate Sparkle light tables and benches into modern spaces for a dynamic yet sophisticated design. 

Bio-Sensing Technology 

An embedded network of full-spectrum LEDs and capacitive sensors offers unique light effects that respond to touch. Twenty interactive light programs cycle automatically every two minutes, offering users an array of light, color, and touch experiences.


Made with proven technology and high quality materials, the Sparkle line is designed for high traffic commercial environments and to withstand heavy usage. Sparkle is a maintenance free investment that is easy to keep clean and will look great for years to come. 

Intuitive Engagement  

A simple touch is all that's needed to enjoy the effects of Sparkle, making the experience intuitive and accessible to all ages and abilities. Customers use touch as their guide to discover, relax and recharge, while socializing and engage in other activities.  

Markets We Serve 

play areas

Combine digital and physical play by integrating Ucreate panels into your new or existing play structure. Modernize your system with our technology to bring fresh content and new life.


 Entertainment your guests without loosing seat count. Make your restaurant the easiest and the most fun destination for busy families to enjoy meal time together. 


  Interactive seating and digital games delight and occupy children, making it less stressful for parents to shop with their children and easier to stay longer.

Health care 

Positive multi-sensory distractions engage patients, families and visitors, while reducing perceived wait time, which leads to to higher patient satisfaction.


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15 MiN coffee break 

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Learn how easy it is to bring interactive touchpoints to your project using NunoErin digital furniture.  Schedule 15 minutes to see the products
first-hand and explore the possibilities.

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Download an overview on our interactive furniture and product cutsheets. Obtain current sizes, finishes, care guidelines, power requirements.

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