Interactive features increase patient satisfaction and
improve working conditions for healthcare staff


Real World Benefits
Any Facility Can Adopt

How Clinics Use NunoErin To 
Improve Patient Care & Experience 

Patient Anxiety

Patient anxiety was reduced when medical staff engage them briefly in play with Ucreate or Sparkle, and distracts from being at the doctor’s office.  

Patient Understanding 

Patient understanding of diagnoses and treatment increased particularly with children and non-native English speakers when medical staff illustrated processes on the Ucreate drawing app.

Efficiency & Care

Medical staff provided more effective and efficient care, and delivered a more positive experience for children on the autism spectrum by engaging them with Ucreate during diagnosis and treatment.

Patient Attitudes

Parents report that children like coming to visit and frequently don’t want to leave because they are having such an enjoyable time. Often children don’t even realize they are at the doctor’s office and ask to return.

Video Learning

Listen to physician Katherine Phillippi
discuss the benefits of our interactives.

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Avoid Hidden Costs with 
Our Interactives

Engaged patients and families waste less staff time

Easy to clean and disinfect surfaces save hours in maintenance 

Durable maintenance-free products reduce replacement cost

Ucreate Digital Play 

Sparkle Interactive Light

"Turn everyday spaces into destination where creativity flows, moods brighten, and happiness becomes the shared experience" 

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