Turn one-time visits into routines everyone craves with our unique and universally engaging tables

Engaging, surprising and collaborative, our products have broad appeal across demographics

Stand out from your competition and win over customer who crave memories with their meals 

Tested and and embraced by
global brands with thousands
of installations worldwide

Expect high quality affordable solutions designed for high traffic spaces that look great for years

When families go out to eat,
children not adults, are usually
choosing the restaurant.  

Appeal to the Real Decision Makers

Draw the after school crowd
and become the go to place
to celebrate after the game.

Be the Anchor For Everyday Celebrations

Update your physical play areas
with fresh digital content that is
affordable and easy to clean.   

Reactivate your Play Area With Digital Games

Offer playful experiences 
friends & families can 
enjoy together

Unique   Creative   Intuitive 

Is Your Restaurant
Their Go To Spot?

If Not, We Can Help


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