Ucreate Digital Platform

Attract and captivate customers
with data-driven digital experiences.

Ignite Your Business Imagination:
let data create the story

Use data capture to create captivating digital experiences
that attract, connect, and delight customers
while making businesses more profitable.

Customer Engagement

An ecosystem of networked devices and communities connected to cloud services drives exponential engagement.

Analytics & Insights

Collect data with every touch and every interaction to augment decisions that drive customer acquisition and retention.

Marketing & Loyalty

Leverage data analytics to create dynamic marketing campaigns delivered at the right place and right time.

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Digital Engagement Lifecycle

From new customer acquisition, to retention and engagement, to loyalty and growth programs, the customer journey offers touch-points from beginning to end that present strategic opportunities for growing ROI.

User Participation Generates
Data & Insight

Uncover customer traits through what they touch, create and share with Ucreate.

Uncover what customers like and want through what they touch, create and share. 

Learn how customer interaction with Ucreate drives multi-device personalization.

Learn how customers' interactions are driving personalization across multiple devices. 

Communicate directly via Ucreate and gain instant valuable feedback.

Communicate directly with your customers and gain instant feedback on what you're doing and how to improve.

Fuel your growth and increase positive customer experience with Ucreate insight data.

Dashboards & Analytics

Discover insights to fuel your business and transform your customer experience.

Get flexible, cross-platform, real-time digital intelligence with Ucreate.

Real-Time Intelligence
At Your Fingertips

Discover one platform for all your digital interaction. Easily view KPI dashboards and insights on a browser from your smart phone, tablet or desktop.

Cloud Connected

Collect, interpret, and channel insights through Ucreate on your network of Tables, Tablets and Panels.

Collect, channel and interpret data insights across your entire Ucreate network of tables, panels and tablets.

Reward customers with compelling experiences that keep them coming back.

Ucreate helps build communities of active users.


By supporting user-generated content tools within a family friendly structure, Ucreate helps build creative communities of active users. Create and share with the people you love most. 

With Ucreate, users can play safely together across a broad cloud-connected network, locally and worldwide.


Our cloud-connected platform lets guests safely play together at the same location, across town or around the world. Start a project during one session, save it to the cloud and continue on your next visit from any location.

Create personalized Ucreate content optimized for location, time, demographics and historic behavior patterns.


Guide users to relevant content optimized for location, time of day, and demographics. Personalize their messaging and experiences for maximum impact and engagement based on analysis of historic behavior patterns.

Data-Driven Loyalty

Leverage comprehensive data analytics to create dynamic marketing campaigns delivered at the right place and right time.


Incentivize customers with personalized offers or reward users with coupons after engaging with brand content. 


Unlock premium entertainment
or extend playtime with purchases, powered by the latest interactive technologies.


Integrate device digital menus or current promotions and enhance the customer experience. 


Turn your best customers into brand advocates create and share content publishable to social media accounts. 

About Us

We create captivating digital experiences that attract, connect, and delight users while increasing profits through data capture and analysis.

From the smallest touchpoint to the "Big Picture" we use data to design creativity and cohesion into digital and physical spaces.

Ucreate is a growing platform of original ganes developed by artists to celebrate creativity and spark the imagination.

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