The story behind NunoErin

Do you remember holding up your first preschool art project proudly for your parents? How about the first time, as a child, you discovered the magic in something seemingly ordinary, like going through a car wash? Your eyes widened and your smile grew as rainbows raced down the car windows. These memories stir up emotions of when you used to create without the busy clutter of daily life, feeling free, when the world seemed more mysterious. NunoErin brings these feelings of spontaneity, exploration, and amazement to your children and allows you to experience it with them, as a family.


NunoErin inspires interactive family play. We transform your spaces into enchanting destinations where creativity flows, moods brighten, and wellbeing becomes a shared experience. We create happinessTM.



In 2005, when a Mississippi woman met a Portuguese man teaching an art workshop in Lisbon, there was an electricity, a spark, a frenzied fever built on a common passion to inspire wonder. Though from different parts of the world, Erin and Nuno discovered a common interest in how art and technology could connect with the body in surprising ways to induce a liberating social experience outside of a gallery setting, and encourage shared creativity for people of all ages. A remarkable collaboration was formed.


In 2011, that original collaboration officially became what is now NunoErin – a high-growth, private equity-backed creative economy company based in Jackson, MS. The company specializes in innovative interactive play solutions for numerous industries including hospitality, retail, restaurants, gaming, education, and healthcare sectors, both domestic and international. Its clients range from non-profit organizations to Fortune 100 companies, including McDonald’s, SLS Hotel & Casino, Westfield Malls, Mayo Clinic, Target, and the Mississippi Children’s Museum, and their work ranges from standard products sets to custom-designed solutions to works of public art.




NunoErin’s mission is to encourage play, entertainment, wellbeing, and new ways of experiencing technology through their products. Their focus is on children and family play, bringing different generations together, and creating a way for people to relax and engage in soulful expression. Many companies choose to have NunoErin’s products in their buildings not only to provide ways for children to play, but because of their mood-boosting effect on people of all ages. NunoErin products inspire wonder in children and help adults recapture the curiosity of their youth often lost amidst the hectic rituals of daily life.



As artists and design engineers, Nuno and Erin are always using their unbound imagination to create and innovate. They believe the company will evolve to incorporate greater interconnectivity among sensors, sensations and systems — all driven by their software. They want to become a toolkit for interior designers to create interactive spaces leveraging multiple mediums and formats. They want to see NunoErin become the largest and most innovative play systems company in the world.