Use Ucreate to actively engage and calm patients by decreasing anxiety, stress and fear.

This results in a more relaxed and positive experience for patients, staff and caregivers that lead to improved healthcare outcomes.


Use Ucreate to grow your family business with fresh and engaging experiences for kids and in-store messaging that keeps parents informed.

Creative Play

  • 18 creative game themes that are ideal for families and young children aged 4-12
  • Experiences assist in establishing a solid basis for cognitive growth by fostering creativity, refining motor skills, enhancing spatial cognition, and nurturing problem-solving abilities through innovative play.

Designed for Public Spaces

  • Increase customer satisfaction by reducing perceived wait time
  • Occupy children to make visits easier on families, staff, and other customers
  • Keep children quietly entertained in one place with relaxing engaging games

Safe & Reliable

  • Quick to install and preloaded with all the games you need.
  • Durable and easy to sanitize with off the shelf and healthcare cleaners.
  • Secure software with over-the-air updates

Software Customization

  • Custom digital content and software development available through our Microsoft Gold Partners with expertise in the latest technologies and frameworks.

A Variety of Play Experiences

Rubix Cube

Put your problem-solving skills to the test with our digital Rubix Cube game. It's a virtual version of the classic brain teaser that will keep kids entertained for hours.


Unleash your inner Picasso with our drawing and painting game! Let kids create their own masterpieces and explore a world of color and line with their own virtual art studio!

Ants & Anteaters

Embark on an epic ants adventure: Guide tiny heroes to their sweet victory and dodge devouring anteaters at every turn!