Interactive Light

  • Pre-loaded with numerous interactive light behaviors that magically respond to touch.
  • Capacitive sensors and full spectrum LEDS offer a variety of soothing colors and effects.
  • Light behaviors change every two minutes to create a dynamic and varied experience.

Designed for Public Spaces

  • Increase customer satisfaction by reducing perceived wait time.
  • Occupy children to make visits easier on families, staff, and other customers.
  • Keep children quietly entertained in one place with relaxing experiences.

Safe & Reliable

  • Plug and play installation makes Sparkle a breeze.
  • Durable and easy to sanitize with off the shelf and healthcare cleaners.
  • Proven technology perfect for high traffic spaces

Custom Integrations

  • Work with our partners to build interactive light into your projects.
  • Install our modules with weight bearing covers to transform any vertical or horizontal surface.
  • Work with us to customize your light behaviors with motion graphics and custom colors.

Sparkle Interactive Light Products

Sparkle in Healthcare

Use Sparkle to actively engage and calm patients by decreasing anxiety, stress and fear.
This results in a more relaxed and positive experience for patients, staff and caregivers that lead to improved healthcare outcomes.

Sparkle in Sensory Rooms

Unlock the Power of Interactive Light to Enhance Sensory Rooms for Individuals with Autism and Special Needs.

Sparkle in Public Spaces

Use interactive light installations to attract and support families in shopping centers, airports, and other publics spaces.

Custom Sparkle

Integrate our interactive light technology into your project for feature walls, benches, floors and more. Work with our partners to bring your project to life.