We don't build products to help kids "tune out"
so they aren't a distraction. We're passionate about helping families "tune in" to rich shared experiences! 

Increase customer satisfaction by reducing perceived wait time

      Our uniquely creative interactives 
      are fun for customers and keep
      everyone occupied 

NunoErin offers the best value
for affordable, maintenance-free engagement in high-traffic
commercial spaces. 

Engaging, surprising and collaborative games give our products broad appeal across demographics

Stand out from your competition and make visits stress free for families and easy to repeat

Tested and and embraced by
global brands with thousands
of installations worldwide

Expect high quality materials and workmanship with excellent support at a fair price

Turn public spaces into destinations where creativity flows, moods brighten and customers are happy.

Draw customers into a whimsical world of expression where creativity is at your fingertips and touch is your guide through collaborative puzzles, painting, sustainability challenges, interactive coloring, and one-of-a-kind experiences they don’t already know

Interactive light effects dance magically across the surface of our tables, benches, and panels, offering soothing and intuitive experiences without the need for touch. Simply hover your hand above the surface to discover a variety of unique and pleasing transformations. 


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