Large Ucreate Tablet

The Large Ucreate Tablet is perfect for providing fun and educational playtime for young children in public spaces. With its sophisticated modern design, game mix and length optimized for busy areas, and wall-mountable locking system, this tablet is a must-have for business owners who need to entertain kids. Parents and kids alike will love its creative play with developmental value. Plus, get peace of mind with over-the-air updates.

The Ucreate Tablet is the perfect tablet for kids ages 4-12! It's our most popular product and large enough for two children to play at once.  Consider installing two units per location for family businesses or spaces full of children to ensure plenty of fun for everyone and less waiting time.  Size: 26.5" x 16.3" x 2.4"  

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2-Year Warranty & Ships within 1 week!  

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